Do you love your dog or what?
Then teach them how to play.
Snapping, pulling, growling too
Really aren't the way.
Come to me and change your life.
You know it just makes sense.
A loving, friendly, happy dog
Will stop you being tense.

Puppy Play Group (up to 18 weeks)
Start times: 6.30pm

Beginners Class (18 weeks and over)
Start times: 7.30pm
Intermediate Classes
Start times: 8.00pm
Advanced Classes
Start times: 8.45pm

Family pet training, behaviour advice and group sessions. Wendy Bell, canine behaviourist and trainer for over thirty years.


The 79th Bushey & Oxhey Scout Hut

Park Avenue

Bushey, Herts.  WD23 2AF

Tel. 01923 236 705


Wendy with Maru, Kinu, Kori, Kam, Kei and Edward

No Smacks, No Chokes, No Shocks, No Need

Bushey K9 Training School